My Points of Interest

Organise your showcase portfolio

Intelligent technology to store your POIs

A new way to keep track of what matters

My points of Interest is a new android app that provides an easy and convenient way for small business and individual contractors to record details of their completed jobs with geographical coordinates and photos of the job.

Nexus 5 for app marketing

POI’s stored safely

Kept on our highly secure database with security in mind, My Points of Interest can act as a portfolio to showcase your work

Global Accuracy

Our mapping technology can pinpoint your exact location at any time, giving you complete accuracy with locations and POIs.

Store your entire portfolio

On the fly access to your entire portfolio of POI’s gives you the ability to access it from anywhere in the world remotely.


On the go availability

It can be used anywhere and allows you to choose from many different types of map providers (Google, Bing, Amazon, TerraPages).

Available now from the Google Play Store